Your catering website and customers belong to you!

by Michael Mayer

You work hard for your customers’ loyalty and business. That is the bottom line.

I was recently looking at the websites of many QSR and restaurant concepts that might be interested in Spoonfed and noticed how they have given valuable “real estate” to software companies or marketplaces for their catering business. It’s astonishing how many caterers’ websites have a direct link to companies that provide services such as delivery of their product while charging the caterer anywhere between 7% and 30% of each order.

Utilizing “voodoo” mathematics provided by these companies, caterers are content with giving away a large percentage of the profits while giving up the customer in many cases. I can not imagine building a business, creating the perfect website, and then when your customer shops for catering you do not even know who the guest is. This is an attack on your profitability. To make matters even worse, many of your guests are taken to a site where they are only a click away from other catering options with your competitors.

The task at hand is how do you find a product that addresses all your needs without giving away your ownership of the customer in addition to the profitability of your offering.

You might say impossible! Of course, it is possible. Spoonfed is a platform that will massively reduce commissions and fees, and provide a back office and online ordering system for organizing and handling the production and delivery of the orders made.

As an industry leader in SaaS catering software, Spoonfed understands your needs for options, such as third-party delivery, a robust CRM, and business intelligence.

Like all great tech advances, Spoonfed does its work seamlessly - customers progress from your site into the Spoonfed online ordering one quickly and smoothly, with images and branding making it clear that they are still your customer.

If you’d like to know how you can own your customer, get simple online ordering and a suite of tools for processing orders, while paying a fraction of the order value, get in touch.

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