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by Martin Boyd

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There are few things more popular than a well put together ‘Whodunnit?’ mystery. However, let's narrow that down a bit. I’m talking about a relaxing Sunday evening, or an exciting 4 parter on your favorite streaming service. Let’s just keep it away from the business world!!

Whodunnits? are the last thing a busy catering manager wants to have to deal with. And if you did need to ask the question about who was involved and in what way, then being able to pull a detailed report on the question would definitely need to be the way forward.

So, as ever, information is key to solving things. Spoonfed have been tying up all the loose ends for catering managers in recent days, adding to a number of tech solutions already in place for keeping a tab on every aspect of each order.

Who’s Ordering 1?

Efficiency and time-saving are the bedrock of the Spoonfed system. A busy catering operation can be frantic enough - and when orders are edited or canceled this can easily lead to errors. This is not the time for labor intensive detective work, fathoming out the status of an order. Having a clear, traceable route of any order available on the screen avoids wasting time and wasting food. The system will flag up when orders have been edited or canceled by the customer - a nice clear banner appears on the back office page. And if the order is canceled BoH, by a member of staff, managers can track who actioned this and when.

We recognise of course, that sometimes clients do need to make very late changes. In the comprehensive nature of the Menu Management module each menu can have its own cut off time, thereby protecting the catering team and allowing flexibility when a customer has to call last minute.

Who’s Ordering 2?

The benefits are not all for the catering team - each customer can use their profile to view previous or current orders. Re-ordering is simple and any notes previously left on an order are already in place. Huge time saver for your clients!

Who’s Ordering 3?

Or Who’s Approving?! The Order Approval feature has been developed in order to make sure that when there are necessary checks and balances required they are as frictionless as possible. This fully loaded feature feeds information directly to the preset Approver and also appears as ‘pending’ in the digital calendar BoH.

And, importantly, PO Numbers can be a mandatory field for each order being placed taking away the mystery from end of month billing!

Supplementary questions like ‘Whodunnit the most?’, ‘Whatwasdone?’and ‘Howdidwedoit?’ are also covered. Using an online platform means far fewer calls and emails to the busy catering team but you don’t need to lose a feel for who the key customers are. The Spoonfed Dashboard has live reports on who is placing orders and reporting is available on customer growth or slippage over set periods of time.

You can also select a report based on the built-in ‘Feedback’ requests. Or report on the most popular menu items being ordered. And being able to view how many orders are being placed via the web versus manually by your staff lets you see where the marketing may need to be increased.

Business shouldn’t be a mystery

All these features are designed to answer the ever growing demands on catering teams as they seek to be efficient at every turn. Get in touch to see if Spoonfed can bring these innovations and efficiencies to your business.

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