Who had the last laugh in 2020?

by Martin Boyd

enter image description here There’s not been much to smile about recently - even those whose businesses have been on the ‘winning side’ during the pandemic have done so in a climate of anxiety and uncertainty.

What about the Hospitality sector? After the struggles of recent months do you think we will go back to our tried and trusted ways? Consider the following:

  • New habits have been formed by the customer in how they order food.
  • New methods developed in ordering and delivery processes will continue to be used by caterers...because it’s paid off!
  • Heightened expectations across the board in terms of health and safety will stay with us.

These are big topics and discussions for another day no doubt, but let’s look at the account of one restaurant who made sure that Covid didn’t have the last laugh in 2020 - I think this particular account sums up the points above rather well.

Garces Group in Philadelphia is one among many this year, who stepped up the changing and challenging situation they found themselves in. Their General Manager, Joseph Quintela writes: "As Garces strategized against the unique challenges presented by the pandemic in 2020, our survival and even success has relied upon the embrace of guest-oriented solutions to every problem…

A software solution which was customer focussed gave confidence at every turn when food was being booked, and allowed for all the relevant details to be captured for delivery and pick up.

All this was happening over the last quarter of 2020 and being able to tailor their usual Thanksgiving menus for online ordering paid dividends. Joseph continues: “Chief amongst our tools has been the use of the Spoonfed platform to organize the pick-up and delivery of catering-style meal packages through the holidays".

Spoonfed's intuitive guest experience and group ordering functions have allowed us to tailor our culinary products to the demands of the moment and this is why Garces chose to partner with Spoonfed.”

The Group Order function referred to will be used by more and more in 2021 for all the reasons mentioned above. Those booking food will no longer have to second guess what their friends and colleagues might choose. Individuals, now so used to ordering food online, will take to this like a duck to water and be grateful for the opportunity to make their own selection. And the ability to cater for a group with individually packaged orders is exactly what is being looked in these days.

One last thing... I mentioned earlier that some have been ‘winners’ in 2020. The 3rd party marketplace sites like JustEat and UberEat can rightly take a bow. Right thinking businesses should consider how they will play this game in 2021. Merely bolting on an e-commerce option to the webpage just won’t cut it. With a comprehensive software solution and some thought through marketing, restaurants and caterers will find a place in the ‘new norm’. (Drat it, I wanted to use another term but we all know that is what we are talking about!!)

Using Spoonfed allowed the relationship between Garces and their customers to be front and center - not something always possible when using 3rd party marketplaces. And the success they refer to will, it’s fair to say, not be unconnected to the fact that they have avoided those hefty charges from 3rd party sites too.

We would love to chat with you and discuss how Spoonfed will implement technology solutions for your catering operation.

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