What’s next? Have your Cake and Eat it too?

by Martin Boyd

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In the last 18 months many caterers have taken hefty blows to their businesses. Some have only survived because they were able and willing to innovate in order to reach their (new?) customer base.

  • Event caterers, with no events to cater for, began to offer drop off catering to small groups.
  • The same was true for many restaurants whose regulars were delighted to pick up restaurant quality food from their favourite joint.
  • Those caterers who would normally have dropped off their platters for regular corporate meetings had to rethink, often going down the 3rd party delivery route for B2C.

There have been some winners, and unfortunately, some losers too. Well done if you have clung on, however you have done that.

One such place was Salthouse Catering. A terrific example of finding and embracing a new system which would allow them not just to find a place in the market but to do it well...and even thrive:

“Couldn't be happier with Spoonfed! Thought I would do maybe $500/month and I am up to almost $30,000 this year so far”. Salthouse Catering

But what is next?

It’s great to see the excitement on social media as events start up again, staff come back from furlough and customers arrive to be wined and dined.

Will your business go back to what it knew best? Why not have both? Well, for many, the reason will be as simple as ordering hassles and the time taken to process these orders. Or it might be the prospect of managing two quite different styles of catering that puts you off?

Having your cake and eating is possible - with the right tools!

  • You do want to continue offering drop off/pick up catering but with events also opening up you need to avoid the amount of time spent on phone calls and endless email conversations for these orders.
  • You do want to have both ‘brands’ available - those looking for specially catered events, and others wanting lunch for the sales team on Fridays - but can it be offered online? And how can it be streamlined for efficiency?
  • You do want to run out of a dark kitchen but how can you become the go-to site for local businesses and avoid the steep 3rd party delivery co. charges?

Spoonfed has spent the last 10 years developing their catering software in order to become the go-to solution for a range of catering managers looking to ease the myriad of pain points faced each day. Spoonfed’s expertise and experience has been built on during the pandemic restrictions. Developers were added to the team to make sure users were ready for this changed landscape many catering companies currently find themselves they can have their cake and eat it.

Speak to one of the Spoonfed team about the range of business use cases developed to enable your catering team to do what they do - but better! And more!

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