Thirsty for more - Strong profits from soft drinks

by Alistair Coats

Are you making as much from drinks as you could be?

A recent study by Technomic shows how much of the foodservice industry is taken up by non-alcoholic beverages - it’s huge. The US market accounted for over $181 billion in annual sales, totalling over 113 billion servings in 2016.

McDonald’s is one company taking advantage of this market, having recently posted its biggest jump in global sales in five years. Their growth was possible partly through $1 soft drinks and $2 McCafes.

A growing market

But the possibilities for revenue growth from drinks goes a lot further than Coke and coffee. Consumers want more than just taste and refreshment from beverages now, looking for drinks that meet their dietary requirements, or that act as a meal substitute.

“Beverages account for $1 out of every $5 consumers spend away from home,” said David Henkes, senior principal at Technomic. “They are a critical part of the overall experience and, because of their central importance, it’s absolutely crucial for restaurant operators and their suppliers to understand how innovation impacts consumer satisfaction.”

Small add-ons make a big difference

At Spoonfed we’ve been big fans of using drinks and snacks to help caterers boost order values. Our online ordering site has been designed for a really simple user experience, with beverages showing clearly underneath relevant menus. Drinks are so easy to add to an order that Spoonfed users averaged order value growth of 50% last year.

If you'd like a quick demo of the system to see how extras and add-ons have made such a big difference to our customers' revenues, drop us a line at

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