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Tackling the Hospitality Hurdles

by Martin Boyd

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It’s fair to say, that if the question ‘What came first - the chicken or the egg?’ had been more contemporary it would have included, ‘…and did it have Order Approval?’

Caterers are well aware that the hurdles to the fundamental issue of getting the right food, to the right place, on time, every time are manifold.

A recent development introduced by the Spoonfed team tackles the particular issue of requiring Order Approval, which if not dealt with, causes regular headaches. Or on a more positive note, when there is a solution, can bring added value for the catering team.

Order Approval – an extra step for those engaging with the caterer, requiring costs and details before confirming orders - this additional hurdle becomes an irritant at best, preventing planning and processes moving forward. Working across many public sector and educational establishments Spoonfed has needed to respond to the requirements in this area.

They have developed a fully featured solution – an Order Approval Dashboard which embraces (and doesn’t skirt round) the need for comprehensive transparency and certainty, while making sure that the process is worked through with as little friction as possible.

  • Those creating orders can simply ‘submit for approval’ from a drop down list of approvers as part of the checkout process
  • The‘Authorisers’ are notified and can tick a box to accept or reject with a reason. ‘Sorry, no cocktails for breakfast meetings’, etc
  • The Catering team is kept in the picture with their digital calendar showing pending, approved, confirmed etc.

So, even with the necessary evil of order approval, these tech solutions mean it’s still possible to have at the heart of things the mantra of ‘the right food, to the right place, on time, every time’ – we’ll leave it to others to concentrate on it being delicious!

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