Superstitions and Catering

by Alistair Coats

What “superstition” do you believe that is actually true?

That was a question asked on Reddit couple of days ago, and the top voted comment was an age-old caterer’s curse.

“When you work in food service and it's slow so you decide to make yourself something to eat, as soon as you finish making it you will get a huge rush and won't be able to eat until your sandwich/burrito/whatever is cold.”

This observation struck a chord with voters, with the post becoming by far the most popular. A surprising number of the top comments were catering-related. Some of my favourites were:

  • “If you go to the restaurant bathroom, your food will arrive”

  • “If you say or think "man we're slow tonight" there will be a rush”

  • “Every sock that goes missing in the laundry turns into a spare tupperware lid”

At the risk of overthinking this, I couldn’t help wondering why catering involves so many superstitions. Is it possible that there is some truth in these observations? A cosmic connection between the preparation of a snack and the arrival of customers? The answer, of course, is no.

Instead, the superstitions are examples of confirmation bias that say a lot about working in catering, rather than revealing magical relationships between caterers and customers. We remember the times when our snack has been interrupted by a sudden rush of orders and forget the times when it just stayed quiet. Catering is unpredictable. So we prepare our own food when it’s quiet, but, unless the business is really struggling, someone will probably stroll in soon enough. The really worrying thing would be if your meal was never interrupted.

It’s natural that we see connections between these events, and in an industry so often full of frantic rushes followed immediately by tedious quiet periods, superstitions are born.

Corporate Catering - manage the rush with less stress

One great way of avoiding the quiet times is to introduce a secondary revenue stream with corporate catering. You have the ingredients, the staff and the time to handle more orders outside of the lunchtime rush - it makes good sense to grow your customer base while squeezing your assets by delivering meeting room food to companies in your area.

Spoonfed is the system for handling corporate catering orders. Instead of adding to the stress of sudden rushes, our software makes your workload easier to manage. With Spoonfed your corporate catering orders come in online while you’re busy in the kitchen, whether that means serving customers or just getting yourself a snack.

Complete Order Control - limit orders

We’ve just added a feature to Spoonfed that ensures that no rush is ever too much for you. It is now possible to limit the number of orders that our system will accept within a particular time window. These limits ensure that you are able to meet the needs of your customers during production and when delivering orders.

Get in touch and we’ll see what other superstitions we can help you combat. We can’t do anything about socks going missing and turning into spare tupperware lids though - that one’s real.

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