Style and Substance

by Martin Boyd

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Spoonfed are delighted to add Freedom Pay to their range of payment gateway partners which customers can integrate with. Such a significant piece in the catering jigsaw.

This line from Freedom Pay’s webpage certainly resonates with us here at Spoonfed:

“Sleek apps and digitally-enabled tools are standard for any business that wants to get ahead, but most of them are focused on front-of-house services. If the legacy systems that companies are using behind these glossy facades are not up to scratch, then too often the customer experience is poor and frustrating.*

In summary, ‘All style - No substance’ is not what you want for any part of your ordering process.

And it’s not only in relation to the payment gateway. For instance, having an e-commerce site which gives customers access to menus but is so inflexible and feature poor that it adds an admin burden onto the catering staff when they are processing the orders just doesn’t make sense. The ‘gloss’ at the FoH needs to be undergirded, by a seamless end to end operation in the back office.

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