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Spoonfed releases 'Group Ordering'

by Alistair Coats

Spoonfed has just launched a ‘Group Ordering’ feature, making it possible for multiple people to make a specific catering request as part of a larger order. It’s going to make a huge difference for caterers looking to build their customer base and deliver their food to offices.

The struggle of group orders

If you have never been involved in making a large catering order for work, you can probably count yourself lucky. The initial excitement of a free lunch on the company dime is lost pretty quickly as the logistical nightmare unfolds. The organizer is mobbed with orders that exceed the budget, or for menus that aren’t available, or reminders about what people ordered. You begin to marvel that the company achieves anything at all, when it falls at such a seemingly simple hurdle.

The technology that customers expect

Struggles like this are becoming increasingly unacceptable to customers, whose experience of technology outside of work is often far more advanced. Coming from smart homes and smart phones to a workplace and catering experience so hopelessly behind the times is jarring. Caterers that fail to match their requirements will be left behind.

Group ordering can be simple

There is now an easier way. Spoonfed’s new ‘Group Ordering’ feature makes it quick and easy to create orders that individuals can add their own item requests to. There’s no danger of the wrong food being ordered, or people exceeding the budget, or pestering the organizer until they lose the will to ever order food again. The organizer just starts the order, picks the time and date for delivery, sets a cap for each person’s order value, then sends the guests an automated message with a link allowing them to fill in their order. No emails going around and being forgotten.

Group Ordering

Group Ordering

One of the best parts of Spoonfed’s new feature is that people who are invited to make their food choices don’t need to to respond if they don’t want to. Those with specific dietary requirements or preferences can pick the food that suits them, but people who don’t mind or are too busy can just ignore the email. The person organizing the delivery will then make generic selections for the guests who have not specified what they would like.

Group Ordering Menus

Group Ordering Menus

And the caterer still has complete control of the menus. Date and time constraints still apply, so customers can’t order the Christmas or breakfast menus when they shouldn’t, and dishes that are allocated to a single customer will only appear to them.

Expanding into offices

The new feature will make it easy for people to order from their desk and get exactly what they want. It’s a great way to earn regular customers at local businesses, getting complex orders right every time.

Group ordering also reaches new customers who might become regulars after they are asked to join an order, or who just see your branded napkin left around the kitchen area. Combined with branded packaging, group orders enable caterers to get their name into local offices not just for free, but while making money as part of a large order.

If you’d like to know more about Group Ordering, click the chat button bottom right.

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