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Spoonfed now has 'Multi-Serve'

by Alistair Coats

Spoonfed now has 'Multi-Serve'

There’s a great new feature in Spoonfed called ‘Multi-Serve’. With multi-serve, multiple orders that are going to the same address at different times of the day can be stored in one order. So breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea can be grouped together, making it easy to add to, edit or cancel selected items, or add or remove a delivery - we call each one a delivery 'slot'.

It’s a simple process that runs exactly like any other order creation - you just add delivery slots if you want to, and select food or drinks for each one. Spoonfed’s ‘Quote’ module works with multi-serve too, so customers receive a single email containing a quote for all of their time-slot orders within it. You can choose whether to let customers make ‘multi-serve’ orders as well.

And because day-long events might provide catering in different meeting rooms, with different people in charge of every meal, ‘Multi-serve’ gives you and your customers control over these for each time slot being ordered for.

We’ve always aimed to help Spoonfed-users develop long-term relationships with customers, recording important information about delivery details or food preferences on their account.

Our hope is that multi-serve will strengthen those relationships further. Caterers can become an even more important part of their customers’ lives, as the new Spoonfed function improves the convenience of ordering a full day’s food and beverages from a single caterer.

To learn more about it, click ‘Help’ when you’re logged in to Spoonfed or check out our new video...


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