Spoonfed Double Nominee At This Year's Scottish Business Awards

by Willie Biggart

On Friday we received some superb news; we have been nominated for two awards at the Scottish Business Awards, with this year’s event being hosted by none other than George Clooney!

Spoonfed has been nominated for;

The RBS Business Innovation of the Year Award and

The Emerging Business of the Year Award.

Being recognized by such a prestigious awards ceremony, showcasing some of the country's greatest business talent is a real boost for Spoonfed. But Spoonfed’s success correlates with movements that are shaping the current catering world.

Now working in 46 cities across the globe, we can see a trend in Europe, which follows the lead of the US market in which restaurants and cafe’s are beginning to diversify into ‘drop off’ style catering. Formerly the domain of the dedicated catering business, this style is being investigated by many restaurant chains after identifying it as a lucrative new stream of revenue.

“Our focus was on the shops and occasional corporate orders… Within the space of 6 months Spoonfed completely transformed our business – corporate catering has become our biggest revenue generator by far.” Social Bite

As an example, a quick Google search of ‘drop off catering in London’ will now return you over 1 million results. Cafe and Restaurant chains are now recognizing the incremental value of this style of offering. Not only for increasing profits, but also in driving new B2C ‘traffic’ into their outlets. The success of Spoonfed runs parallel to this recent development, as it helps these companies with this transition, making the whole ‘drop off’ process effortlessly simple.

While the EU market turns to drop off catering, another identifiable trend, mainly in US caterers who have the style pinned down, comes with the utilising of technology to help the daily running of their business. Whilst American chains are ahead of the curve in terms of utilising ‘drop off’ catering, many are lacking the back room efficiency to fully grasp hold of their potential markets. Our customers are now reaping the benefits of trusting in Spoonfed, where hours of pen and paper based ordering and invoicing would be the bane of many caterers existence.

“invoicing is done in a matter of minutes as opposed to a full half day.” Business Lunch Express

As competition grows the challenge for companies to stay ahead of the curve through technology has never. Investing in software is allowing caterers become more cost effective and more time efficient, giving them the time and effort to focus on the product they are supplying. Spoonfed’s success has come through its ability to allow caterers to focus on the thing that matter; whilst maximising profits, reducing costs and virtually eliminating waste.

It won’t surprise you to learn that the Spoonfed team are thrilled to be recognized as being at the perfect middle of these market trends, continuing to help businesses transition smoothly into new areas by making the processes behind catering easier and faster than ever before. There has never been a better time to revolutionize and revitalize your catering business with Spoonfed, so book an APPetizer today!

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