Solidarity. Empathy. Patience.

by Martin Boyd

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‘Dependency Culture’ - this phrase gets a bad press. It smacks of laziness and handouts, those who would rather someone else did the work while they get the benefits. Okay, agreed, it deserves a bad press.

But let’s revisit what being dependent is.

“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be self sufficient” You may have read on one of those motivational posters. *

It seems that dependence is viewed as weakness - the “You need to stand up for yourself - no-one is going to do it for you.” kind of culture.

Well, I am happy to say, 'I am dependent!'. Yep, I am not alone and it doesn’t all depend on me.

On the face of it Montgaine’s words seems to make sense and we’re encouraged to buy in, push our shoulders back and think positive thoughts about ourselves...however, I think 2020 has been a wakeup call. If you think you are immune (literally immune in some cases) from your best laid plans being wiped out then you are sadly deluded. And at that point you rightly look around to see who is there for you.

So many in the hospitality sector have needed a helping hand this year - they couldn’t stand up without depending on others in a whole host of different ways. Everyone will have their own story about contracts being re-worked, suppliers being understanding, customers being prepared to adapt. ‘Self sufficiency’ was not part of this story - solidarity, empathy and patience were the foundations for pushing through the challenges.

Spoonfed have needed the help of others too as we saw client after client struggle during the first lockdown and being under pressure for the rest of the year.

Building up in a better Inter Dependency Culture

Some may have been surprised then at Spoonfed building their team in such uncertain times but in doing so we are saying we want to be part of the right type of dependency culture. We decided not to 'wait and see' but to act and to add to our development team. We know that businesses are depending on getting a better start to 2021 and taking the quieter period to find a solution to what they are facing at present. We want to be there for them and so we've made the team stronger.

And we are delighted to add to our Development Team too, in order to work specifically on the User Experience i.e. how your food booking customers will engage with you online. It’s so vital to get this right and we are not just sitting on our hands lamenting how difficult 2020 has been. We have a duty to our clients to help them stand up and be counted.

In fact, as I look back over 2020 it’s been a shot in the arm to see our Development Team having accelerated along the development road map in order to help businesses adapt quickly to the challenges thrown at them.

My hope would be that as you read this you are able to name those who have stood with you in 2020 (and continue to stand with you), and that in your own inter-dependency community you can see where you have been able to contribute too.

*The quote is from philosopher Michel De Montaigne (but I’m sure you knew that already!?)

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