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Software Update - More Menu Control

by Alistair Coats

What's new?

We’re rolling out a software update today that will give you more control over menus in Spoonfed. You will now have the ability to specify the dates and/or time ranges that your menus are available to customers. If you have more than one kitchen, you will now also be able to create site-specific menus.

What does it mean for me?

As an example, you can now set Spoonfed to only allow selection of a breakfast menu between the delivery hours of 6am and 11am, or only on certain days of the week.

You can also set the system so that your Christmas menu is only available in the last two weeks of December.

And menus that you are only able to prepare in a particular kitchen can be made unavailable in orders coming from other kitchens.

More control means better service

The update gives you control over quality in the kitchen. Spoonfed users that want to focus on providing a smaller range of options at a higher standard can create daily menus. Rather than spreading themselves thinly and producing many dishes, kitchens can now focus on perfecting fewer menus each day. Similarly, confining certain dishes to a window of a few hours allows specialisation.

Allocating menus to specific sites allows users that trade from multiple sites to limit certain dishes to the kitchens that can prepare them. Whether it’s because the equipment or expertise required for preparation is only available in certain kitchens, Spoonfed’s latest updates makes it simple to confine menu options to specific areas.

The update is happening automatically and will not affect previously made orders. All menus, whether old or new, will have the new options. You can see them under ‘Details’ and ‘Menu Availability’ when selecting or creating a new menu.

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