Shortlisted for a PEA and recent wins

by Alistair Coats

We got some exciting news recently from The Caterer that Spoonfed has been shortlisted for a Product Excellence Award (PEA) in the technology category. The PEAs recognise excellence and innovation in food, drink and equipment products within the hospitality sector and the judges are looking for responsibility, sustainability and originality in our industry. The winners will be announced in December, but we are very happy to have made it this far in a competitive category. You can see the other PEA contenders here.

2019 has been a year of big wins already for Spoonfed, with our expansion and the opening of a new office in Denver. We have also seen rapid growth among Food Service Management businesses, particularly in the education and business & industry sectors. There are now more than 25 university accounts running on Spoonfed.

And that leaves us with the most important successes so far this year - the revenue growth caterers have seen through the use of Spoonfed. We have compared catering sales seen by our customers in the first 6 months of 2019 with the same period last year, and yet again, the numbers are impressive.

On average Spoonfed users experienced a 19% growth in orders received, and a 28% increase in the value of those orders. As usual, this is comparing like with like - only looking at companies who were fully up and running with Spoonfed at the start of last year.

enter image description here

It’s more evidence of the efficiencies that our system offers caterers, and the way that Spoonfed’s online ordering system encourages food bookers to order again, upgrade meals and add extras. This year has seen some major improvements to the system - both for the end users booking online and in the back office - and we’re proud to see these statistics. With some of our customers having been with us for several years now, growth like this shows that Spoonfed doesn’t just provide a one-off bump in revenues - the system gives long-term sustainable growth and the capacity to handle it.

Stay tuned for the PEA outcome and our stats for the whole year!

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