Pioneers of Food and Drink Delivery

by Alistair Coats

Waiting in the foyer for a sandwich platter to arrive, it’s easy to forget just how much food and drink delivery has changed the world.

I read the other day that when the US went to war in 1941, Coca Cola’s president announced that “every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for five cents, wherever he is and whatever it costs the company”. A cynical historian might say it was a canny bit of marketing, but the company risked a serious cut to profits for soldiers to get a taste of home half the world away.

And the story of the catering industry playing a vital role in the development of transport routes is a long and fascinating one.

Mankind’s desire to bring valuable and exotic foods to countries all over the world goes back millennia. Spices were being traded by sea from India as early as 3000BC. By the 1400s pepper was so valuable that people could pay their rent with it, and the profits that the spice trade offered encouraged massive expenditure on nautical voyages that could be considered the beginnings of globalisation.

When American colonists threw 45 tons of tea into Boston Harbour in 1773, protesting Britain’s taxation, their act joined of a long string of events that show how transporting food and drink can shape global politics.

Staying ahead in the 21st century means finding the right software to improve your efficiency. It may not be as dramatic as sailing round Cape Horn, but to provide great service in the modern catering industry you need to be able to track production from order to invoice with a few clicks.

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