Our Black Friday 'Foodie' Five

by Martin Boyd

For this year’s Black Friday frenzy Spoonfed have saved you the trouble of scouring the web pages to get the best deals.

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Here are our top 5!

Things you didn’t know you needed and items you could easily live without - we’ve found them!

With our love for all things in the catering world we narrowed down our search, hit ‘Food’ on the filter and headed into the marketplace...

You can imagine our surprise then when first up on our screen for best deals on food was a pair of Nike trainers - yes, it’s true! I’ve had steaks as tough as old boots but not quite sure if these shoes are completely edible - and will they be ‘laced’ with alcohol?

Next up on the Black Friday Food offers were packets of Extra Chewing Gum - is this really the year to focus on having fresh breath - you can’t come within 6 feet of anyone anyway!!

What’s next for your discounted treats? - ‘Bulk Powders’ of course. It’s 40% off, so buy now and ask questions later. Personally, I will go down the more traditional bulking at the holidays which will involve seconds of stuffing (quite literally) and thirds of Apple Fritters.

Industrial Gloves also somehow manage to make an appearance on the list of amazing food offers. Now I know the plates can be hot but this is getting ridiculous. Quick tip, if the plate is too hot to handle while piling on your mashed potatoes just get your mum to do it. Actually, any mother at all will be able to help - they all seem to have asbestos fingers able to cope with incredible temperatures.

But our top item is awarded to Bob’s Pickle Pops Mucho Macho Chamoy. They hit the top spot based not on price or, dare I say, actual taste but on their name. They have thrown everything into their marketing describing these pickle pops as being for those of us ‘with a one-of-a-kind culinary craving.’ You can spend the rest of the day working out what that means exactly. Enjoy frozen or unfrozen apparently. Not sure the word ‘enjoy’ should be in there.

There you have it - our Top 5 for Black Friday. And remember if you are enticed into buying the Macho pickle pops don’t forget to add the minty chewing gum to the basket!

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