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No Mr Bond, I expect you to dine

by Martin Boyd

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Full marks if you noticed that this blog title was (almost) taken from the 1964 Bond movie, ‘Goldfinger’.

I once visited a movie company whose catering manager promotes new menu items to celebrate each new blockbuster movie release. If he doesn’t add a section to his desserts called ‘No Time to Diet’ for the new Bond movie I will be very disappointed. (And I would have certainly had a ‘Chew’baka menu for any Star Wars release. What?!...I thought that was good.)

When it comes to your eating habits do you follow the high days and the holidays?

Is your Thanksgiving not really Thanksgiving without the Turkey? And yes, you will have it again at Christmas, just because that is what we do.

If you are Scottish like me, then January will have at least a couple of opportunities to toast Robbie Burns and enjoy Haggis. (If you can catch them that is!)

Easter? Hot Cross Buns and pretty much chocolate eggs, and cakes (with chocolate eggs on them).

Access all areas!

Spoonfed realise that a Chef’s creativity means that they will want to be able to offer menus which are fresh, interesting and tempting and so we give them full access to the ‘back office’ to allow menu changes to be made easily. They can let customers know about a promotional menu for the latest event or holiday. These can be pushed to the top of the page when the menus are viewed online and with a good image it will drive revenue with a great opportunity for upsells and add ons.

  • Seasonal menus can be set to appear for a period of time

  • Daily Specials - hot specials that change daily

  • Weekly Specials - weekly rotational menus

  • Site Specific Menus - cafe 1 might have different menus from cafe 2

Used alongside Spoonfed’s built in Voucher feature you can really engage with your customers.

Find out more about the control you can have over menus, and how to drive sales with a demo of the Spoonfed ‘back office’.

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