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New Traditions for Thanksgiving

by Martin Boyd

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Looking ahead to Thanksgiving I’ve been reading about “New Traditions”. But, how can it be new AND traditional? That sounds wrong? It’s like saying, ‘A popular lawyer?!’ or ‘a believable weather reporter?! Something jars.

There is no shortage of traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving. Pardoned turkeys, parades, being stuck in traffic etc. Nevertheless, starting new traditions seems popular these days. And one of these new ideas surrounds perhaps the most traditional thing of all at Thanksgiving - the meal. Yes, it seems the new tradition is to bring food in from their favourite restaurant or caterer - and your customers want to do this online!
Will you be part of this new tradition and keep the customer satisfied?

No Pressure Cooking

Did you know that more and more families now order in their Thanksgiving meal – about 25%. Which of course means that 1 in 4 families have a new tradition of being far more relaxed on Thanksgiving!

And did you know 16 million households will use restaurants for some or all of their “home-cooked” Thanksgiving dinner. Remarkably, a recent survey from daily deal aggregator Yipit revealed that 40% of Americans would consider having some or all of their Thanksgiving dinner ‘to go’.

If the new tradition is for people to use restaurants and caterers to help them with their Thanksgiving meal it makes sense for catering managers to have a new tradition too. It’s time to make sure that your customers can find your menus online and be able to plan their meals.

Spoonfed will make sure your menus are superbly presented in order to encourage ordering and drive upsells too. Easing the pressure on families by making their Thanksgiving meals for them doesn’t mean kitchen staff need to heap that pressure on themselves. With the right software you will make sure that timesaving, efficiency and avoiding mistakes will be part of your new tradition too.

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Spoonfed gives real confidence to those placing the orders – we will set up your menus to make it straightforward for your customer to select what they need. And when these orders are placed the customer gets an email confirmation while Spoonfed’s end to end system produces clear kitchen notes and delivery sheets ensuring that you are getting the right food to the right place on time, every time.

And who knows, the tradition of ordering online from your menus for Thanksgiving might just become a Winter holiday tradition too. An Easter habit. A Mother’s Day custom. 2nd Friday of the month… well, you get the idea.

Click on the Book a Demo link above and take a look at the amazing features Spoonfed can provide you with as you reach out to your customers this Thanksgiving.

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