Name Dropping

by Martin Boyd

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What do you think about a little bit of name dropping? A bit boastful? A bit uncool? Could be. I suppose it depends on why the name is being brought into the conversation. To impress will often be the likely reason.

But it can also give a sense of confidence. If someone is bandaging me up and says, ‘Don’t worry I studied nursing in the local University’ I’ll be comforted (and impressed). If they say, ‘Don’t worry, I learned this from watching an episode of Pingu’ then, not so much.

So is Name Dropping all about us? Or is it for others' benefit...and comfort?

Let me casually drop into conversation then, that in the last few months Spoonfed has seen the caterers in 3 of the World’s Top 10 universities* choosing to onboard our catering software system. Why are we mentioning that? Is it all about us, or is it for others' benefit?

The background is that Spoonfed made certain key developments recently in reaction to what you might call a ‘post-pandemic restrictions’ challenge facing caterers . We grew our Dev Team as we knew there would be extra pressures on aspectsof catering operations and there would also be opportunities to be taken if the right tools were available. The upshot of the decision to accelerate development has seen Universities and Colleges in the US, UK and Ireland looking to Spoonfed as the go-to solution for their catering operations. And everyone benefits!

It’s listen!

As we have implemented the software into these significant accounts we have had to listen. Each of these sites already has sizable catering operations in place - they’ve asked Spoonfed to bring efficiency and streamlining to bear - and to increase the effectiveness and reach of their catering team too. All of this requires Spoonfed to have an onboarding team which understands campus catering pressures and needs; they have brought that expertise into play in walking through the implementing process with the catering management. It’s not a ‘plug and play’ solution which is required - it’s about experience and commitment to success for these catering teams.

“Transition was professional, simple, pleasant. Can’t say enough about the support and dedication to this process for the University of Indianapolis” - Ops Director of FSM, University of Indianapolis

“The customer support from Spoonfed is fantastic and they are always on hand to help. We are over the moon with the system. ” Kim Dowle, Catering Service Manager, Swansea University, Wales

Everyone can benefit.

Spoonfed are already actively working through a comprehensive development road map. As we have the conversations I mentioned above, and we interact with these more complex accounts, inevitably there is a need to develop functions to bring particular solutions. This means new features, enhanced functionality and business use cases are filtering down for everyone’s benefit as educational sites choose Spoonfed to work with them.

  • Spoonfed’s team is growing in experience
  • Our system is growing in functionality
  • Our clients are growing in confidence that we can provide them, and their customers, with a user experience which makes a difference to everyone day by day

And all of that is something we don’t mind dropping into conversation!

“The team from Spoonfed has been amazing - development requests dealt with promptly and efficiently with proactive customer service. Spoonfed is a great system and I would not hesitate to recommend both the system and the company.” - Catering manager, UK University for global FSM

Our expertise may be something we can bring to your catering operation - we work with all sizes of accounts. Speak with one of the team and organize a demo. Find out if Spoonfed is for you.


*We won’t actually ‘name drop’ here. We work with a number of universities and colleges - some are independent and others are contracted with FSM companies with whom we have NDA agreements.

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