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by Martin Boyd

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Spoonfed’s Learning Curve!

Spoonfed was in the news at the end of 2021 having been acquired by US based 365 Retail Markets Inc. in a multi-million-pound deal. And now, as the Pandemic restrictions ease, it seems that it is the University and College sector in particular that is leading the charge to Spoonfed’s door, turning to their software solutions to manage meeting room and event catering programs across the campuses.

The software firm’s decision back in mid 2020 to accelerate its platform development is proving to be a very shrewd one indeed. Now they find themselves investing further by adding two new hires to their development team in the Glasgow office this month, as they continue to grow in this sector.

Notable Sign Ups

The Glasgow based firm had already made considerable inroads in this sector during the Pandemic, landing several top 50 global and Ivy League Universities to their client portfolio, complementing an already prestigious list of establishments including the University of Cambridge. More recently they have enjoyed notable sign ups with the Universities of Birmingham (including their Dubai Campus), Texas, Sheffield and Lancaster, as well as several significant establishments managed under contract by CH&CO, Mount Charles, BaxterStorey and Compass in the US, UK and Irish markets, being lured by Spoonfed’s evolving tech solutions.

Traditionally, catering across the campuses is wide ranging and complex in both what and how it is able to offer - automation is key for delivering the efficiency required. However, due to the fact these accounts can be so sprawling in their nature, it seems that automation and technology are only part of what is required.

Emma Easton, Planning & Analysis Manager at the University of Lancaster commented on Spoonfed: “First and foremost we have been most impressed with the customer service, it’s been outstanding. No question is too big or too small and all queries are resolved in a timely manner. We’ve had great feedback from our customers, it’s such a contrast compared to our prior system.”

‘Relationship’ and Development

Spoonfed MD, Willie Biggart commented: "In these accounts the R&D aspect has actually been ‘Relationship’ and Development. There’s no doubt that adding value to one University can open up other opportunities and when we bring development to bear on an issue at one Campus we roll that out for everyone. However, just as vital has been the relationships we have struck up across the sector. They know we understand their unique requirements, hassles, pain points and the potential for growth.”

Spoonfed, now that they are part of 365 Retail Markets Inc with its expertise in contactless technology, is excited at the prospect of being able to bring a whole range of new solutions across the their growing customer base, whilst maintaining a keen focus on their driving principle of trust, respect and understanding to the fore.

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