Keeping a calm kitchen through the political storm

by Willie Biggart

The UK is split almost down the middle right now when it comes to Brexit. About half of us are watching in stunned silence as the mess continues to spread, while the other half are fed up with the whole thing.


It’s fair to say that nobody - whether they voted for the UK to leave the European Union or not - wanted it to go this way. Political posturing, backstabbing, and resignations at a level that gives the current Conservative cabinet a staff turnover any caterer would baulk at, we are now in a position where any decision might be more welcome than more of the same turmoil.

The vote on Theresa May’s deal will be next week, and most of the UK will be hoping for at least a partial return to normal - particularly business owners. It’s sometimes said that people don’t fear change, they fear uncertainty. This is true in many aspects of many industries, not least catering.

Two weeks ago Compass, the world’s biggest catering company, announced that it had contingency plans in place for a no-deal Brexit scenario. Chief Executive Dominic Blakemore described Theresa May’s draft Brexit agreement as “better than no deal”, joining several business leaders who fear sustained uncertainty more than anything.

And it’s not just the biggest players that need to be planning for the various Brexit scenarios. The fall in the pound has increased import prices for all caterers, and governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney warns that they could rise by 10% in the most extreme Brexit outcome, with trade tariffs compounding the problem.

At Spoonfed our goal is to provide certainty. Our catering management software is built to give caterers confidence that they won’t miss any orders or customer requirements. It’s a system designed to help businesses provide a reliable service despite the countless challenges and uncertainty in the market. And it’s making a real impact for caterers all across the world. Spoonfed customers increased their revenues by an average of 20% in the first half of 2018 when compared to the same period in 2017.

We know that people don’t mind change. The catering industry, like almost every other one, is being transformed by technology, with customers and businesses welcoming progress, for the most part. But the uncertainty around Brexit is the hardest kind of change to handle, with so little clarity about how things will look in the future. One thing we’re confident about at Spoonfed is that a good catering management system helps ensure that ordering, production, delivery and invoicing run smoothly, whatever is going on outside.

If you’d like to embrace change and give your catering business as much certainty as possible, click on the chat box at the bottom right and ask us what Spoonfed could do for you. We’ll be happy to give you a free trial of the software to see what a difference it makes.

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