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by Martin Boyd

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One of the sectors which have thrived over 2020 has been DIY. DIY activities have seen a surge in online sales of home improvement products, growing by almost by 50 percent in 2020 compared to last year. There’s certainly nothing better when doing any job around the house than having the right tool. I wonder, if like me, you have started working with something not quite right – you’ve cut squint, you’ve ruined the screw head, you’ve shouted at the kids/dog etc, but when you finally get the right tool in your hand life is so much better…if only you had started properly.

Given the seismic impact Covid has had on the hospitality sector, now more than ever before, there is a case for asking whether your business is going to select the correct tool for the job at hand. Tragic though the present situation is, we will come through it - at the other side will be a sector which may well be running on a much reduced staff size. There are many offering online solutions, however by digging deep with Spoonfed, you will discover a system which minimises manual implementation and maximises efficiency.

Adapting properly gets the right results

Of course, you want to reach out to your customers – there is a surge in people ordering their food to their homes. A form on your webpage or a friendly, ‘Give us a call’ just won’t cut it. You need to give the option to buy online.

However, we believe, a simple e-commerce site could still leave you wondering what you have got yourself into. In fact, it may be more table knife than Swiss army knife and the lack of capabilities will stunt growth and cause headaches.

Going forward in the new normal, (there’s that phrase again), one thing is certain with staff being more time poor than ever before, they can’t afford to spend excessive time on phone calls or agreeing which charges or open and closed times relate to which delivery zones, or which location. And then there are always those that want special menus for special customers and different lead times. Sounds complicated? A bit of the way it was? That’s when you need a system that is more than just the proverbial kitchen knife.

Right tool for the job

With its rich feature list (too many too mention here), Spoonfed will ensure you get a seamless operation, massively reducing manual intervention, giving you time to focus on the important work of getting your great food out to the customers – error free!

Ask for a demo and find out how Spoonfed more than cuts it.

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