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"It’s all about Me"

by Martin Boyd

2020 has been the year of Zoom and Team meetings and across the globe we have heard this year’s most used phrase: ‘estas en silencio’, ‘ти німий’ and of course ‘tu es muet’.

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What has become fascinating is how fascinated we are with ourselves. Apparently, when there are a whole number of screens open the one that interests us the most is our own. No surprise there. Whenever you’ve been shown a group photo whose face do you scan for immediately? Zoom is just giving us the chance to be obsessed with ourselves in a new way. Humans, eh? Incorrigible.

When it comes to providing hospitality for groups, 2020 has forced caterers into new strategies for providing to their customers. It’s been really tough to cope with the decimation of the hospitality industry. For the time being, platters of finger food, trays of sandwiches and sharing boards are gone. People have been less likely to be in a place to share, and then there is the need to conform with restrictions.

But people need to eat, and what we have seen more of is individuals ordering for themselves - there is no shortage of outlets for that. Which makes me think there are a couple of things to consider as things look brighter for the new year and work places populate again.

So what is the catering version of staring at ourselves on the screen?

Let's hear quickly from an individual looking forward to hospitality…

“But wait - I've got used to actually being the center of attention when it comes to choosing my food. I’ve not needed to worry if one of my favourite items is left on the platter or not, or if ‘chef’s’ choice is not ‘my’ choice! Of course, it’s good to be meeting again but I hope I can still get my favourites”

Get ahead of the game

Firstly, the caterer who is on the front foot is the one who has an efficient, feature laden software system for processing orders which takes into account that some may meet in a room together and others may still be joining from their desks.

And secondly, the caterers who can give the order originators the ability to send a link for individual colleagues to make their own selection are ahead of the game. The hospitality for the meeting delegates is delivered, the food is individually packaged and everyone gets what they chose. And, once again, they are confirmed in their thinking that it is indeed ‘All about them’!

Find out more about how Spoonfed’s Group Ordering features work by asking for a demo from one of the team.

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