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How customer feedback and tech can change everything

by Alistair Coats

In 2009, a video of Domino’s employees making pizzas with contaminated ingredients went viral. Some thought that a recovery for the 50-year old company was impossible. Since then, the share price has consistently risen - it’s now 30 times the 2009 level. The story of how they turned everything around shows the power of embracing technology and listening to customer feedback.

As part of a competitive industry, and with low customer satisfaction, a video leak showing pizza chefs putting onions up their nose before adding them to a pizza created a PR disaster that could have spelled the end for Domino’s. But the pizza chain embarked on a campaign called ‘The Pizza Turnaround’ that brought real results with surprising tactics.

They embraced all the negative feedback that they received, and decided to rethink their pizzas ‘from the crust up’. Bread, sauce, cheese - everything was changed, based on customer feedback and focus group complaints.

Domino’s has always been ahead of the game, anticipating and catering for customer preferences, rather than stagnating. They were among the first to offer home delivery, they went online pre-millennium, they launched an app in 2010, and they are now testing driverless cars for pizza delivery. Domino’s has been such a market leader in technology that they are considered a tech company that delivers pizzas, rather than the other way around. They are also a great example of how listening to customers and embracing feedback can bring success.

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