E-Marketing – Changing How Drop off Caterers Run Promotions

by Willie Biggart

Increasingly, caterers delivering food to offices are utilising email marketing tools as the means by which they communicate their promotions to their customers.

Once upon a time, caterers would use leaflets as their main source of promotion. Now, with technology changing the way caterers do business, many will have, or will be, promoting this year’s festive menus through tools such as MailChimp.

But why use an e-marketing platform? For one, it’s a lot quicker to send out emails to 300 contacts at one time, customised with their own names, than it is to write out or sign individual letters. There is also the automatic management of mailing lists, so caterers can create lists for different groups of people or customers and send the appropriate mailshot to each list. They can also create and target segments of each list, if the message is fine-tuned for an even more niche audience.

It’s also a chance to have a bit of fun! With email newsletter clients such as MailChimp, caterers can make their business stand out through interesting custom designs with their own colours and images.

Caterers can even track exactly who has opened their emails, and who has clicked on a link to their website! Who said knowledge is power?!

With Spoonfed, any new Customer Contacts you add to the system can automatically be assigned to your mailing list, if you’re using MailChimp. Spoonfed’s integration with MailChimp means you can manage your Order process from start to finish with no hassle, whilst also helping your marketing process. And of course there is the odd one who unsubscribes – with Spoonfed being fully integrated with MailChimp there is no need to worry, they will be removed automatically.

Spoonfed is an online catering software solution that operates from the cloud and can greatly increase efficiencies for caterers who deliver food to offices, functions or private parties. If you’d like to see Spoonfed – including the integration with MailChimp – in action, book a demo and we will get in touch!

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