Digital has become the Default

by Martin Boyd

3 Key Points from Recent Catering Research.

enter image description here Spoonfed colleagues who attended Arena’s recent Face2Face event in London agreed that it was good to be back in a busy room talking business. Katy Moses, Founder and MD of KAM presented some up to the minute industry research and its results certainly chimed with what Spoonfed have been hearing on the grapevine (and reacting to!) over the last few months in speaking with catering directors and managers looking to be part of the bounce back.

Concern for a healthier body, mind - and healthier world!

At the coal face of catering, this customer ‘concern’ translates as one thing - people will be more choosy. And that brings at least two challenges: Firstly, the pressure on the person organizing corporate catering and events - who wants the thankless task of second guessing what someone’s foodie fad is this week? Secondly, for the caterer there is the ‘disappointed customer’ factor. It wasn’t the caterer's fault but food was ordered and it didn’t tick all the boxes for those concerned about x,y,and z. These are key reasons Spoonfed introduced the Group Ordering feature - it fully answers both these challenges and delivers...

  1. less hassle for organizers - better experience for those ordering
  2. less disappointment for flexitarians - better reviews for the caterer
  3. …oh and less food waste too! Better for everyone!*

‘Digital has become the default’

This point was made in conjunction with a similar finding ie. 'Customers have welcomed hospitality into their homes’. That you are now able to order food online is an expectation which has been brought front and center in Covid times. And what has become a digital default at home is naturally now part of business life. However, can larger, higher value, more complicated orders be part of the online ordering world? Yes. But can the experience be every bit as confident and frictionless as B2C ordering? This is a considerable step up from having a simple e-commerce website. Spoonfed’s continuing development to match these often complicated requirements has recently included Single Sign-on Order Approval Dashboard, Multi time slot, PO validation etc etc.

Staff Shortages in Hospitality

Lastly, the research identified the staff shortages within the hospitality industry. This is a real issue for those who want to be ‘open for business’ and receive online orders. Can it be managed efficiently and cost effectively? Interestingly, Spoonfed believes caterers can actually extend their reach even with a reduced team. Tech solutions are enabling catering teams comprehensive control to deal with the current staffing issues and to set up frictionless ordering experiences with online Dynamic Menus :

  • Entering day and time details controls which menus will be available
  • Cut off order times can be set per menu
  • Selecting Pick Up or Delivery shows which menus are available
  • Settings for minimum item order alongside maximum order limiter on items
  • Set max number of orders which can be placed within each order time slot
  • Mandatory cost codes and automated order approval relieves admin issues for team.
  • Ad Hoc (or bespoke Menus) saving time for the catering manager building particular quotes for events.
  • many more features built for time saving and eradicating mistakes

Katy Moses spoke of a 360degree hospitality experience - Spooned couldn’t agree more, and having a ‘no-gaps’ ordering experience supported by modules covering every angle for the catering team, we think things are looking up for those ready for the bounce back in catering.

Get in touch with one of the team and ask for a demo of how these features can be used for great effect in your business.

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