Contactless ordering – can we shake on it?

by Martin Boyd

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I can’t wait until we can ___? The lockdowns and restrictions from the last 18 months brought up a whole list of things we took for granted until they were taken away from us, which is why the prospect of once again opening doors and taking opportunities has us busily planning to get back to the things we love.

When was the last time you shook someone’s hand?

Maybe this isn’t the first thing on your 'back to normal' to-do list? Should it be? Writer Ella Al-Shamahi comments that it is "dirty, unhealthy and banned" — and looks forward to its return!

Steven Bayley, writing in the Spectator, “Ultimately, when this is all over, we will have to make a bargain between the handshake’s emotional benefits of contact and its accompanying risk of contagion.”

What does the handshake convey living as it does between etiquette and germ-management? There is much written about the history of humans shaking parts of their bodies in greeting across various cultures, none of which I intend to go into here. Let's stick to modern day - it’s almost impossible to avoid the shakee’s eyes and at its core conveys a level of trust and acceptance - consider the level of insult refusing a handshake brings!

Has the catering world, which accelerated it’s already solid commitment to online, contactless ordering in 2020/21, taken this into account? Is there anyway for the caterer to include a ‘firm handshake’ in the ordering process?

The handshake which knows your name! We’ve all been there – that moment we wish we had paid more attention when we were told this person’s name previously. For those creating orders for meetings it makes all the difference to begin their order by clicking on their profile having all their data – addresses, card details and previous orders and more to hand.

The handshake which welcomes you back. ‘Hello again.’ No need to search through emails, or make calls. You want an online system which is like speaking to a trusted vendor who knows who you are and what you ordered last time…and if those special notes you made for your team members are all there too, then that’s such a bonus!

The handshake which lets you know you are valued. When Spoonfed built in the My Menus feature we knew it was doing something beyond just giving functionality for the caterer to give certain menu items, prices and lead in time/availability to individual clients. It’s a great way to build the relationships with those for whom you want to give added value.

Above all it’s a handshake which speak of trust. Clarity and ease in ordering brings confidence. If this is key for individuals placing orders how much more for those sizable corporate orders. Spoonfed is built on the bedrock of the right food, delivered on time, every time. Having a customer facing platform which allows the customer to be expertly led through the order process AND a back office which eradicates mistakes for the catering team will ensure that the digital ordering process is something everyone can shake on.

These are just some of the reasons caterers require much more than just an e-commerce site for their online menus. Proper B2B catering software requires a level of sophistication to comprehensively deal with getting catering right, which isn't found in typical click and collect apps.

If you are looking for comprehensive management of all aspects of the ordering process get in touch with one of the team and see if Spoonfed is for you.

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