Catering and the Cookie Platter!

by Michael Mayer

Sometimes I think there should be a reality show that looks behind the scenes at what goes on in a in a busy catering operation. Cameras capturing what’s happening in the kitchen, in the office as the phones ring, in the van with the drivers having a laugh on the way to a delivery, and most importantly what is happening at the final destination. After all, the final destination is a caterer’s "Voilà" moment. This is when catering is unwrapped, set up and displayed or an event is set up in a boardroom, venue, or home. So much effort and planning goes into what makes for a successful catering event.

Yes "event"! Every catering order is an event. A cookie tray delivered to an office for an afternoon meeting sounds simple doesn't it? Not necessarily. Did the delivery person arrive on time? Did they go to the correct office, ask for the right person and walk in through the right entrance? Four things that need to happen to get a catering order "right". That doesn't take into consideration other factors: Did the delivery person step in that big, muddy puddle outside the door then walk on the CEO's oriental carpet in the executive boardroom? In the catering business there are so many aspects that make for a great guest experience.

That is where Spoonfed comes into the picture. People’s careers and reputations are on the line; not only for those catering the food, but for the catering contact as well! If you have ever catered to the corporate market you’re bound to have a heard a frantic customer on the end of the phone say, " if my order is not here in 5 minutes I will lose my job!" This is not over dramatization about a cookie platter for 8 people in a boardroom, it’s just the facts.

I am writing this to tell you about our amazing catering software, Spoonfed. It helps you get it done and get it done right. You might say I don't need software to do that, I have a system and it works, and I am sure it does. But ... if you had a system that brought your customers and contacts closer, remembered their needs and wants how beneficial would that be to your business? The most important part of a "Catering Relationship" is what a customer needs and wants. A system that provides information seamlessly, that flows from the sales team--to the kitchen--to the the packer--to the delivery person--and back to the accounting department to settle the transaction correctly? That is only half of the what makes a successful order. How about flow-through of information to the contact, a professional confirmation, a receipt that can be used for an expense account, just to name a few important details that your customers will always want and expect.

Spoonfed is your all in one catering system that will help you manage these details, allowing you to concentrate on your business. A cloud based system that allows you to drill down and see the details in one system rather than buried in the many different systems you created for your business.

Spoonfed, everything in one place; Customers, Contacts, Orders, Production Sheets, Delivery Assignments, CRM, reports and so much more. Thanks to the "Cloud" this tool is at your fingertips. Spoonfed won't cost you an arm and a leg. In fact Spoonfed could cost you less than the sale for that 8 person cookie tray you had to "comp" for being late, (not including the carpet cleaning bill for the CEO.)

Now is the time... Lets get Spoonfed together!

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