Can This Web-Based Catering Management Software Really Save You Time and Money?

by Bobby Hill

The new kid on the block, Spoonfed is primed to take the catering market by storm. Built by caterers for caterers Spoonfed is a web-based management system enabling seamless integration of orders with production, delivery and invoicing. It allows you to focus on what you do best – and they do the rest.

Proven to save substantial amounts of time and money, Spoonfed is also extremely cost effect and very simple to use. With a simple ‘pay per use’ system, you only pay for the orders you process through the system. The back office modules are refreshingly intuitive and automate the entire journey of each and every order, from online or telephone orders, through to production notes for the kitchen, automated delivery details to invoicing linking with your accounts package.

As something fairly new and fresh to the market, Spoonfed may seem too good to be true but their customer savings prove otherwise. They invite you to pop by at Lunch, stand A203, have a chat and see not only the benefits of the solution but also how easy it is to get up and running.

Commented Willie Biggart: “Lunch! is an ideal platform for us to reach out to caterers, franchises and sandwich retailers and provides the perfect opportunity for us to show how our extremely cost effective ‘pay per use’ model can seriously help them generate bigger profits. In essence Spoonfed allows caterers to work smarter, cut out mistakes and save time. And what’s more it costs pennies per order and will save them pounds”

Another neat feature of this solution is its integration with MailChimp. This enables you to increase repeat business by being in regular contact with customers and also reach new customers all with a few clicks.

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