Be a Hospitality Hero

by Martin Boyd

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Many businesses are going to find themselves in a quandary this year? There’s no opportunity for their usual end of year party and all the treats that go with that. Boo!!

However, a creative caterer can still give businesses some great alternatives in how they can treat their staff with a Festive Foodie Thank You at the end of a rotten year.

Here is what we are thinking...

You’ve got the great food! Get the right system! Make it happen!

Plan to set up online menus so your usual food bookers can send their teams something special…but you might need to tweak those menus:

  • Individually packed Festive Tasty Treats for smaller gatherings in the office, or if working from home, something to enjoy while connecting virtually with colleagues to raise a glass of Christmas cheer?
  • Santa Lunch Boxes to their desks?
  • Winter Holiday Foodie Goodie Bags for staff to pick up?

If you have a system that allows you to tailor your Holiday menus you can make sure you are front and center and ready to be the hospitality heroes that gave the bosses the opportunity to say a big Thank You to their staff.

The real win is if you have a comprehensive online Menu feature which can give a range of options in content and pricing to suit each business. After all there are some, I’m sure, that would like extra brandy butter or bread sauce!

And if you want to really engage with the ever challenging workplace scenario, a Group Ordering* feature is ideal for your customers to send a link to staff to make their own selection - a ‘Build their own Box’ menu to make sure they get exactly what they want.

But it’s not just about the online experience - what about dealing properly with the orders in the kitchen and beyond?

You don’t want to have admin hassles over the ordering process or waste time copying vital order information from one system to another.

Do you have a secure delivery and drop off functionality to make sure these treats get to the right place at the right time and Covid secure.

Lastly, have you thought about a Mail Chimp integration to seamlessly reach out to customers with a personal message, encouraging them to treat their staff and colleagues to some Holiday food and fun.

It’s not the same as the usual Festive bash for folks this year but, in the circumstances, I'm sure giving your customer the ability to remember their staff in this way will be greatly appreciated and bring some much needed cheer.

Is all this just a Christmas wish list?

Doesn’t need to be. The Spoonfed team are here to help and would love to share our expertise with you and help you bring holiday cheer to your customers!

*Group Ordering is a Spoonfed feature

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