Are you Choosy?

by Martin Boyd

Are you choosy?
Choice signs

Maybe it depends on what we mean by ‘Choosy’? Are we talking just being sophisticatedly selective or are you just downright ‘persnickety’? (Apologies for the language).

It’s not your fault of course, we’ve been given so much control over so much choice that putting up with anything that is not quite what we were looking for irks us slightly. Which is why you’re seriously considering whether to choose to read the rest of this blog…oh go on…

Do you remember when Burger King changed their famous slogan, ‘Have it Your Way’. They replaced it with ‘Be Your Way’, showing that, when it comes to correct grammar you can, in fact, still, ‘Have it Your Way’. They said the slogan was intended to remind people that, ‘they can and should live how they want anytime…self-expression is most important and it’s our differences that make us individuals instead of robots.’ So, if you want a philosophical argument on existentialism with your fries you know where to go.

I wonder if having choice is something which is part of being human. Being able to make choices certainly is, but is having the right to have a choice something quite different. This of course is why lockdowns have been so difficult for us. Lines are drawn, barriers are up and choice is restricted. We have been accustomed to having it our way.

If there has been a silver lining at all for Spoonfed in 2020 it has been the opportunity to accelerate development on features of the software that has allowed our clients (FSMs, Caterers, QSRs) to be creative as they continue to give choice to their foodbookers. Yes, necessity continues to be the pushy mother of invention.

  • Enhanced features allow for multiple pick up points, or delivery to rooms/desks – use the custom fields to offer ‘contactless delivery’

  • Have different ‘lead in’ times for each menu.

  • Recurring orders can be placed so you don’t need to remember to order the milk each Monday morning.

  • Use our ‘modifiers’ to add extra options onto your menu items, allowing your customer to choose how they would like to modify their salad (allowing you to upsell too)!

  • Use our ‘group ordering’ module to allow your customers to create a shareable menu link, allowing them to add their own lunch order for a meeting / conference instead of eating off shared platters.

  • And, our B2C module is enhanced for both the catering team (able to set max amount of order of a particular item during the day) and the customer (receiving text updates).

So, be choosy! Spoonfed SaaS gives catering managers choice in how they can best reach out to their current (and potential) customers. Importantly, it shows the food bookers that the caterer has given them a safe, pandemic friendly choice, in what, where, how and when they get their delivery. They can ‘Be their way’…the persnickety lot that they are.

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