Like and Share - How social media can boost catering sales

by Alistair Coats

Are you using Facebook and Twitter to promote your catering? Or could social media actually be holding you back?

Social media and catering

Most people realise that getting social media right can provide a significant boost to restaurant sales, but as the world becomes increasingly connected, what’s often ignored is the damage that can be done by doing it wrong. With a websearch being the first port of call for most potential customers, a messy Facebook page or sporadic Tweets might immediately put people off your business.

Last week Spoonfed had a fascinating and enlightening visit from Stephen Whitelaw, a Digital Marketing consultant and Social Media Evangelist. Having learned so much we thought we’d pass on some tips to you.

Here’s our top 3 tips for optimising your catering company’s Facebook page:

1. Make it easy to buy

If people aren’t sure whether they can buy from your Facebook page, they’ll move on quickly. The button that appears under your page image can say ‘Book Now’ and can link directly to your website. Spoonfed users can put the online ordering URL here, so that customers go directly where they want to be.

2. Know what you need

It’s constantly getting easier to have an impressive online presence, so caterers with old-fashioned or poorly designed websites are a big turn-off for customers. If managing a website seems like it will take a lot of time and money, focus on building a beautiful Facebook page - it takes hardly any time and costs nothing.

3. Show that you’re active

There’s nothing more off-putting when looking at a caterer’s site than seeing that they don’t really care about it. If you take a long time to reply to messages and have set Facebook to ‘Automatically set response time’, everyone considering starting a conversation with you will see that you're not that interested. In your message settings you can either change the response time to manual (picking a realistic time that you will reply in), or keep it on automatic and concentrate on replying quickly.

The last word...

Remember to always quickly get the last word in a conversation with customers on Facebook Messenger! Otherwise Facebook will assume you are slacking in your replies.

That’s a few tips for making social media work for your catering business. To find out more about Spoonfed, including ways that we can integrate with your email marketing platform, click on the box at the bottom right to start a chat with us. We'll be quick to reply.

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