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Allergens Are Coming

by Willie Biggart

New EU rules (REGULATION (EU) No 1169/2011) in the UK concerning the provision of information on allergens will affect caterers and restaurants on 13 December 2014 for the first time and according to Hospitality and Catering News more than 50% of Food Service Companies are unaware of the new regulations.

This is a significant change and any business which fails to comply could face very serious consequences.

Regulation can often seem like another barrier to running a good business but there are positives - here are two - the rules will help those afflicted by severe allergic reactions - how is that not a good thing? - and they also provide an opportunity to distinguish your business as one which cares about its customers and goes the extra mile to look after them.

We've been putting our heads together at Spoonfed HQ to figure out the best way to help you fulfill your legal obligations - and here's what we've come up with.

The really good news is that there is a relatively small amount of work for you, the caterer. So here goes...

We're including all 14 allergens as pre-defined 'tags', which you can attach as required for each Item you make. This means that there is a one off task in trawling through all your Items to 'attach' the relevant allergens to each. Once this is done, your work is really over and our work starts.

Each Order Confirmation email will, if there are any allergens in any of the Items on an Order, include a line saying:

"Some of the Items on this Order contain allergens, please click here for full information."

When you Customer clicks on the link, it will open a webpage branded with your logo, which will contain Order details together with a list of any Items containing allergens. There will be a Print Button, which will enable your Customer to print and bring as may copies of the information to the event as they wish.

And that's it.

So, no more work for you - and a nicely branded food information sheet available to all your Customer's guests.... and yet another automated process from Spoonfed.

We said there were positives!

We are also discussing our proposals with various Environmental Health bodies to ensure that they fulfill the law's demands

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