Adding to the Team - Getting the Basics Right

by Martin Boyd

Spoonfed are adding to their team - again!

What’s behind this move in the middle of these difficult times for the Hospitality sector?

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Getting the basics right

Spoonfed continue to add to their team in range of ways.

We are delighted to add Sian McCallum to the team. Her role will be to focus on the caterer’s customers - the food bookers - user experience. Sian has a wealth of experience and a passion for front-end design and development. We’re looking forward to her refining user processes, making sure that the user interface is not just aesthetically elegant but streamlined and hassle free in every area.

Just last month we welcomed John Burton as Key Account Development Director. John is highly experienced in the hospitality software market and, following previous spells working in the food management service sector, understands the current difficulties faced by all in the industry.

Yes, we are still in difficult times across the sector but finding hope - and finding an edge! - is the signal Spoonfed want to send out to customers just now as bluer skies appear on the horizon.

“Change is inevitable - Growth is optional”.

Growth? Opportunity? Possibilities? When there is a lot of pain in a depressed sector you need to be sensitive when talking about what is possible. Any sort of ‘Call to Action’ needs to be tempered. It’s hard to hear, ‘Have you thought about …’ or ‘Why not try…’ (fill in the blanks)

Even if there is an alternative to throwing in the towel or sitting on your hands (and there surely must be!) are you ready to hear it when all your thinking is focussed on ‘survival’. It’s not always easy.

Spoonfed has also been hit hard by the pandemic, no doubt about that, but we have been invigorated each time we are approached by a client who is wanting to reach out to their customers to offer something different or offer something differently. For them, ‘growth is optional’ and they have decided on looking for a way to keep on, keeping on.

So amidst the pain of 2020, Spoonfed can’t stand still. Developments of, and enhancements to, features is something we are committed to. But we will always want to get the basics right too and that means a first rate experience for those ordering catering. Bringing Sian into the team is key to this.

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