A Christmas Recap...with swan delivery issues and missing milkmaids

by Willie Biggart

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Is it too late for a Christmas recap? There are still mince pies in the office, so I say, we are well within the statute of limitations on this one.

So, here goes…On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… ... a pear tree for starters.

Well, first of all I was all I was less than impressed with the fact that there were no options on the menu. Inexplicably, it seems my true love is unaware that one of the more significant (and popular) features Spoonfed have developed in the last 2 years has been the Group Ordering function. Had I been sent a link to the menu of this Christmas song, there is no way I would have opted for the pear tree!

'On the second day of Christmas…' hmmm, it’s fair to say that for the next few items it’s a controversial menu at best. The fact that there is nothing for the vegetarians amongst us is perhaps the least of its worries: Doves, hens, calling birds, geese…swans!

Leaving some of these issues aside for a moment, this is certainly where Spoonfed’s flexibility in menu management would have come into play for any catering manager looking for a peaceful Christmas. For example:

  • being able to set up menus which show the availability of Hens on the menu when the customer selects the 4th day, but hiding that particular menu item on other days is key.
  • you can also allocate menus for certain customers…not everyone can see these menus online - just your true love. (At least that’s what you tell them!)
  • Swans?! If you have seven then fine, but you know what deliveries have been like. Being able to use the built in stock limiter on this item means you are not going to get caught out.

No, I haven’t forgotten about the ‘Eight Maids a milking’...well, you say there are eight but if two of them have tested positive you are under pressure. There is no doubt that staff issues and trying to predict when the Lords, Ladies, Pipers or Drummers will be back at work has caused a lot of headaches. However, tech solutions for the managers using Spoonfed mean they can adapt How, What and When they offer catering as they react to the issues they face on a weekly basis. This has been key for our users, enabling them to keep giving great service whilst protecting their staff. For instance, as pointed out above, having certain menus closed on certain days is an obvious answer, and being able to limit how many orders can be placed in any given time slot, or adapting the options for pick up only or delivery has been vital.

Let’s finish with the Gold rings? Gold Medals are perhaps more appropriate for those delivering catering over the last few months. Spoonfed has been committed to standing alongside our customers and to give them the solutions required for working through such a tough period and we wish them all well as we head into better days in 2022. We raise a glass to them!

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