Cloud Technology Transforming Businesses

by Willie Biggart

Daniel Newman of Broadsuite Media Group poses the question, “Is it time to stop talking about cloud technology and start talking cloud business?”

He went further, “What are the problems that can be solved by the cloud? What’s the bottom-line impact of a cloud-based solution? Becoming more agile, eliminating IT friction, and meeting business goals more efficiently - and competitively - is incentive for any business to consider cloud computing. The vital first step is to outline how and why a move to the cloud is the right move for your business.”

So relevant to the catering industry - you must ask yourself why would you move to the cloud?

The obvious answer for most caterers is they can store all information relevant to their business in the cloud - whether it be order history, production information, delivery schedules or business reports - in one central location which is accessible from anywhere and at any time. There’s also the advantage of being able to share information with colleagues much more easily than with old-fashioned paperwork, as is so often the norm in the catering industry presently.

The benefits are obvious, but there are a few more slightly subtle benefits that can, as Newman proposes, “have a direct effect” on a business’ bottom line…

For one, cloud computing operators update the software themselves, ensuring data is consistently secure. Storing information on the cloud can also mean increased security in another sense... if a laptop is lost, the information is not stored in the laptop, but rather on the cloud itself, so in that eventuality all sensitive information is protected. Customer satisfaction can also improve and surprising to some, using the cloud might actually make your business more environmentally friendly too.

Cloud is the future with more businesses moving to the cloud every day.

Spoonfed is an online catering software solution that operates from the cloud and greatly improves operational efficiencies for caterers who deliver food to offices If you’d like to see how you can operate your business from the cloud with Spoonfed’s suite of integrated modules, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to speak to you!

To read Daniel Newman’s full piece on the cloud, click here

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