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Expand your business, reduce your stress.

A focus on corporate catering opens you up to new customers. You get paid for introducing your food to people who’ve never been to your store or restaurant! What’s not to like? But without the right catering program, scaling can introduce all sorts of problems. With Spoonfed's restaurant online ordering system and comprehensive corporate catering software, however many stores you operate, growing your business becomes painless.


Spoonfed Overview

Catering made simple.
Originally, Spoonfed was created by catering insiders to address the pain points of running a drop-off catering operation. It manages everything from orders to invoicing and has evolved by listening and responding to its customer base and to the market. You’ll find it ‘creates time’ by improving the efficiency of corporate catering, letting you work on higher value, and more enjoyable, tasks.

Below are some of the ways that our software will revolutionize the way you work, and improve the service that you offer your customers, encouraging them to keep coming back to you for their corporate catering deliveries.

Online Ordering

Put your customer in control.
Reduce your own admin while giving your customers more control, by using Spoonfed’s Online Ordering. Branded the way you want it, to give customers a seamless journey, Online Ordering takes minutes to add to your own website.

Clearly-labelled allergen and dietary information make it easy for them to order, safe in the knowledge that they will get what they want. With multi-site functionality, orders are automatically allocated to the right store. It’s convenient too, as clients can repeat, cancel and edit orders (within your pre-defined cut-off) without calling you.

Group Ordering

Let customers make their own choices
Orders for multiple people don’t have to be hard to organize. With Group Ordering you can send a link out to the people that will attend and get them to make their own food and drink selections. They can choose their favourite menus, avoiding allergens, and you can prevent them spending too much or asking for items that aren’t available.

Group ordering reaches new customers who might become regulars after being asked to join an order. Or they might just see your branded napkin left around the kitchen area and drop by. Combined with branded packaging, group orders enable caterers to get their name into local offices not just for free, but while making money as part of a large order.

Client Management

Closer to your customers.
To get every order right you need to understand your customers. Spoonfed gives you a live feed of orders coming in, and access to detailed customer and menu performance data. Customer information - including multiple contacts, addresses and cost codes - is readily available online and in the back-office module. Be prompted with a note about customer preferences every time they order.

Offer a tailored experience by allocating menus specific to a single or group of customers. For additional flexibility there’s the option to override sales tax and minimum order values and Integration with Mailchimp makes keeping in touch quick and easy.

Order and Quote Management

Complete order control.
Spoonfed’s comprehensive order management module gives you quick access to every order - historic and current - with the option to repeat orders. Online ordering is seamlessly integrated with the back office, where you can create orders from phone or email requests. However the order is placed, the client receives a detailed automatic email confirmation, giving them confidence that the process was successful, and saving you time.

Order information is transferred through the later stages of production, delivery and invoicing without any re-entering being necessary.

Quote management offers the same level of control, and each quote can be sent live with a click, making quotes easy to monitor and convenient to control, helping to raise your conversion rates. All orders and quotes are visible and accessible in the shared calendar, updated in the cloud.


Plan your way to better catering.
Get your colleagues on the same page with a shared calendar showing all orders, quotes and appointments, updated in the cloud. Filter by site or customer to show only the information you need and click through orders for more information or to confirm quotes.

With Spoonfed, you can anticipate and plan for busy periods, with every order automatically fed through to the calendar. Appointments for customer meetings or holidays are visible in advance, letting you plan ahead.

Production Planning

Produce exactly what the customer wants, without waste.
Great catering delivery means getting every order right. But it also means getting it right first time, accommodating every customer preference, and never having to start from scratch because of an error.

Spoonfed’s flexibility and automation allows you to create the production lists that you need, aggregating similar items so that they can be prepared at the same time, and ensuring that nothing is forgotten. And with special instructions about preferred ingredients or allergy information feeding through the system, there’s no need to worry about forgetting a customer’s preferences.

Delivery Scheduling

A to B, on time, every time.
Producing the perfect food is no good if you can’t deliver it to the right place at the right time. Whether you have a fleet of vans or a single bicycle, Spoonfed helps you plan your resources so that delivery is achieved efficiently, reliably, and on time.

Special delivery instructions are stored from the first entry of an order, and carried through to the delivery person’s assignment sheet. Spoonfed stores and lets you modify who is being billed, whom the order is being shipped to, and the pick-up time. That means that nothing gets forgotten on even the most complex journeys to multiple locations.


Administration made easy.
Spoonfed takes the pain out of billing for you and your customers, who can pay immediately by card through a secure gateway, or add the order to their account, to be invoiced later. It’s easy to include multiple orders on one invoice, according to your customer’s requirements. Integration with popular accounting systems allows the of export information the way you need it.


Multiple Stores or Restaurants.
When running a chain of restaurants, more sites can mean more stress. That’s not the case with Spoonfed. A mapping of delivery areas to kitchens enables Spoonfed to allocate all orders and delivery charges to the correct kitchen. You can use our software to maintain complete control of orders, quotes, production, delivery and invoicing, filtering each by kitchen. What’s more, delivery hours, kitchen opening times and even menus can be specified by kitchen.

And you keep control of who can see all this information. By restricting user access you will ensure that your team only have access to the sites and information that they need.


Linking to other applications.
Connecting with other software systems is at the heart of what we do. Spoonfed will manage your catering orders, effortlessly, but you may want to link it to your recipe costing or procurement system - or accounting solution.

Integrations foster more efficient operations and make your life easy.

We have a number of integrations available already including internet payment gateways, email marketing and accounting but are adding to these all the time. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our utmost to help.

Case Studies


Capitalising on Drop-off Catering

Drop-off, or ‘corporate’ catering offers bakeries, sandwich retailers and restaurants an opportunity to enter a new market. It can provide significant additional revenue stream, without the need for any additional investment.



1286 kB

Adopt a Manufacturing Approach

By looking to the principles of consistency and efficiency employed by manufacturing companies, caterers can open up significant opportunities, reduce errors and maximise their business offering.



581 kB

The Power of Knowing Your Customer

For catering companies looking to fully understand their clients, maximize the service they provide and gain an edge on their competitors, it’s important to make the most of the customer data they have at hand.



216 kB

Helpful Tips for Winning More Corporate Catering Business

While the scale and opportunity for year-round repeat orders presented by offering corporate catering make it very attractive for any caterer, in such a crowded marketplace, it is vital that your pitch is well-presented and catches the potential client’s attention. There are several key ingredients to make your bid stand out.



6369 kB


How long am I tied in for?

We know how much Spoonfed helps our customers, so there is no commitment beyond the end of the current month in our standard Terms and Conditions. Because why would you want to leave?! For larger customers, terms can be specifically tailored according to business requirements.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Hosted by one of the world's leading hosting providers, all Spoonfed data is as safe as it can possibly be with both a primary Data Centre and a Backup Centre in different locations. And of course you retain ownership of all your Standing, Customer and Order data. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

How do I pay for Spoonfed?

You pay for Spoonfed every month. The amount you pay depends on how much you use it, subject to a minimum monthly amount. Contact us for more information about pricing. At the end of each month, we analyze your usage and then bill you. Payment is collected by card, ACH transfer or Direct Debit 7 days after the month end. See Terms and Conditions for full details.

What equipment do I need to use Spoonfed?

Just a computer (or tablet), an internet connection, and a printer. That's all. We advise running a fairly up to date browser to make sure you get the best from Spoonfed. As it's entirely web (or cloud) based, work from your business, home or anywhere you want.

Interested? We'd love to talk.

Interested? We'd love to talk.

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