Denver Gets Spoonfed

by Alistair Coats

A quick update on the new Spoonfed office in Denver, Colorado. You may have seen our plans early this year to bring more software development talent to the team and to build up our presence in America.

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Everything is going well with the Spoonfed expansion, with four in-house developers brought on-board, and we are now set up in Denver. This means Spoonfed has two sites in the US, with a base in Connecticut covering the east coast and our new office acting as a hub for the west coast. Bobby has been assembling furniture and discovering the city’s greatest pepperoni pizzas, and he’s had visits from Murray and Willie, Spoonfed’s co-founders.

The global market for B2B hospitality is estimated to be £40 billion, and the US market is around eight times the size of the UK. Last year we saw revenues from the US match and exceed those from the UK for the first time, so we are hoping to use the new Denver base as a platform to really build Spoonfed’s presence in the US market.

Meanwhile, the expanded software development team is making it possible to update the system quicker than ever before. We're in a great position to add features and integrations.

If you’d like to talk with us about what Spoonfed can do for you, whether it’s a quick 15 minute call or a full online demo of the system, [click here and book a slot in our calendar.

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