Where Spoonfed came from. And where it'll take you.

Our founders went from chaotic caterers to having complete control. This is the story of Spoonfed - how we brought our software solution to market, and what it means for you.


For starters...

Willie Biggart and Murray McNicol used to run their own catering business, delivering food to offices. The business had potential, but was held back by inefficiency. They searched for a system to help get things under control, and when they couldn’t find any that met their needs, they created their own. The software was so successful that they sold the catering business and brought their solution to the wider catering marketplace in 2013.

Spoonfed was born.


The main characters

We have a formidable technical and creative team at Spoonfed, working in the UK and the US. Our collective backgrounds in the catering industry and technology give us an understanding of the challenges involved in catering and the knowledge to find better ways of working. Above all, the team shares a dedication to the software and helping clients take control of their businesses.


The finishing touches

“Getting it right” is so important for caterers. When a client is making a large order for the office, there’s a lot at stake - for them and you. They need to have confidence that everything will go to plan, down to the smallest details. That means that you need to be able to guarantee that you will remember the way the CEO likes her sandwich, or the Director’s allergies.

That’s the easiest way to grow your business: retain your customers by “getting it right”. You can produce the best food in the world but if your service falls down, customers will disappear. This is why Spoonfed is important for your business. It saves you time, adds structure to operations and in turn grows your business. Spoonfed provides a better reward for the work put in and above all, gives you, whether owner, franchisee or manager, a better quality of life.


Peace of mind

Spoonfed uses a world-class hosting partner. Our primary datacenter has a 14-day point-in-time recovery facility, and can transfer immediately to a secondary datacentre in another country. With our software, your data is protected by the latest security measures, and your business will pass reliable service on to your customers.

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