Where Spoonfed came from. And where it'll take you.

Our founders went from chaotic caterers to having complete control. This is the story of Spoonfed - how we brought our software solution to market, developing a globally trusted brand, and being part of a 'Connected Campus'.

The background

We know catering!

A Catering software company which understands the pressures and obstacles to successfully managing catering.
The origins of Spoonfed started with our founders, Willie Biggart and Murray McNicol, being faced with the challenge of chaotic practices in their catering business - inefficiencies need to be replaced with control…and that is what they did. Creating Spoonfed to manage orders was so successful that they sold the catering business and continued to develop their new tech solution.

Now supporting businesses globally

Development and Growth

Spoonfed’s software is now used globally by the largest contract caterers in the world, across a range of sectors, including many Universities and Colleges for complex catering across the campus.
Independent Caterers and Restaurants rely on Spoonfed to manage their day to day orders, saving time for their staff and driving revenue.

We have offices in the US with a team in Denver. In the UK we have premises in London and Glasgow. To give customer support throughout the day globally we have staff in Dubai also. Our collective backgrounds in the catering industry and technology give us an understanding of the challenges involved in catering and the knowledge to find better ways of working, and our customer support team gets excellent feedback from clients.

Part of 365 Retail Markets

A Connected Campus

In late 2021 Spoonfed was acquired by 365 Retail Markets. As leaders in unattended retail, 365’s comprehensive range of micro market, vending, dining and OCS functionality combines superbly with Spoonfed’s software to give a Connected Campus of solutions to manage all aspects of catering and open up extra revenue channels.

Tech Solutions for the future of catering

Development Road Map

We have an in-house development team based in our Glasgow office. Our team has grown significantly post Covid as we recognised that it would be tech solutions that would be required for catering operations be able to face the change in the landscape. and to match the aspirations of Catering directors and managers.

Caterers now want to be able to do more, more easily - they face the challenge of reduced teams, and the hybrid working patterns of office staff impacts has impacted too.

We have a sizeable development road map which will help caterers face these challenges.

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