Big or small, chain or independent, get a slice of the action.

Whatever size or type of catering business, our software will make sure that your catering orders include everything the client asked for, every time. Spoonfed is helping organizations around the world to improve their efficiency and increase sales. Find out what it can do for you.

Solution 1

Food Service Management Catering

Many catering providers have great systems to manage core activities, but hospitality catering can be a very different story. Our software enables even the biggest FSM caterers to improve their efficiency and turn time-consuming tasks into easy ones.

Solution 2

Retail and Restaurant Chains and Franchises

With multiple outlets, managing catering for corporate customers can get complicated and mistakes can happen. See how Spoonfed lets you map delivery areas to stores and gives you complete control of each site, so that errors are a thing of the past.

Solution 3

Independent Caterers

Running your own catering company means being on top of everything. If having your fingers in so many pies is becoming messy, Spoonfed can automate your processes and clean things up.

Solution 4

Social Enterprise Caterers

When profits are going to a good cause, inefficiency has a real impact on the world. See how Spoonfed can ensure that every order is handled quickly, easily and accurately so that your customers keep coming back for more.

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Get in touch to receive your personalized demo.

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