Introducing the Twin Order Flow solution

Two are better than one

by Martin Boyd

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‘Two are better than one’ is a piece of ancient wisdom which hasn’t lost any of its relevance for today.

Spoonfed have introduced a method of working for caterers giving practical wisdom in how they work, who they can reach and what can be offered.

How does a Twin Order Flow work?

Having a first class ordering portal is core for any catering software. Spoonfed brings confidence and ease in the ordering experience. It saves time for customers, it saves time for the catering team, and typically increases catering revenue.

We are now offering an additional Order Flow to extend the customer base giving the opportunity for another revenue stream - separate urls give separate landing pages for ordering with all orders flowing into a single ‘back office’, thereby minimising extra pressure to the kitchen team. Processing orders, managing stock, comprehensive reporting and more is possible across the whole operation - the benefits are significant.


Scenario 1:

A university caterer uses Spoonfed to receive orders from across the campus - day to day meetings, conferences etc. However, the same catering team is also asked to supply hospitality for those outside the university who are keen to book the spaces in the campus for events. Creating a second url for these ‘externals’ to order from can solve a number of problems, eg.

  • They can offer an alternative range of menus which fits with more formal events
  • Menus can display different prices…and tax codes!
  • These customers can bypass any Single sign-on barrier the university staff may require

Scenario 2:

A caterer with a city centre kitchen uses Spoonfed, reaching out to local businesses to supply meeting room food. One client in particular wants to use them as their ‘go-to’ caterer recognising that having their own in-house caterer isn't viable. Using a separate order flow this company can have their own branded catering order page going directly to the caterer. This ‘dark kitchen’ can agree terms with their special client in regards to bespoke menus being offered, lead-in times for orders, prices etc.

Scenario 3:

A catering business uses Spoonfed to offer typical drop off catering for meetings and events in the B&I sector. They also have a fantastic, high end catering service for functions etc. Using a different url makes sure that their branding is distinct and the service they offer isn’t compromised when orders are placed. And when it comes to this Check Out page for functions there are no irrelevant fields asking for dept codes and order approval (which are so necessary for their B&I orders) - it is all set up to collect the relevant information for this style of catering.

Get in touch to discover more about twin order flows and find out how you can grow your catering business with Spoonfed.

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