Turning Catering Service into Success: How to avoid a ‘flash in the pan’

by Willie Biggart

Do you ever feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew? Incorporating catering into your business mix is a savvy strategy for generating a new revenue stream and maximising resources during down-time, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. Getting the right food in the right place at the right time whilst juggling existing business can be overwhelming at times. Implementing an online catering management system can help turn your catering service into a success and avoid the flash in the pan scenario.

Most importantly, it must be noted that catering is an entity of its own and so bundling it together and treating it in the same way as your existing business functions is a recipe for disaster. Paper-based ordering systems that work so effectively within the restaurant sector are a hindrance to successful caterers. They are inefficient, error-prone and make it almost impossible to track previous orders. For this reason, a catering management system can be the ideal solution. Online ordering processes allow customers to amend and cancel orders whilst also providing them with a record of previous activity to facilitate repeat order immediately. By migrating all ordering processes online, there is greater visibility allowing caterers to more effectively manage orders and deliveries. Invoices can be easily tracked and stored to ensure that no vital information gets lost along the way.

Catering management systems are also effective in reducing overall down-time by providing all the necessary information businesses need to plan ahead. With all orders centralised on one platform, businesses can better allocate their staff and resources to adapt to the changing demand. Analytics provided by the management platform can identify potential areas of high activity or down-time to make it much easier to cope with fluctuations. Instead of polishing the same glasses over and over again in periods of down-time, your staff can get to work preparing for upcoming big orders. Furthermore, with visibility of imminent orders, businesses can more effectively manage their stock levels to reduce unnecessary waste whilst also ensuring they have sufficient supplies for the job.

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