Traditional Thanksgiving Meals – but is how they are ordered stuck in the past?

by Martin Boyd

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Last year at this time was a pivotal moment for many in the restaurant and catering world.

As Thanksgiving approached in 2020 for many it was a case of ‘What are we going to do?’.

  • Restaurants = ‘Our doors are closed’
  • Caterers = ‘The get-togethers are cancelled’
  • Offices and Homes = ‘We had plans but…’

It may seem slightly jarring to bring ‘tech solutions’ into the conversation about traditional Thanksgiving meals, with family and friends eating together. However, it was moving away from the traditional into the innovative which brought a much welcomed silver lining at that stage...and 2021 will be no different.

3 reasons these businesses were thankful last year.

Traditional maybe, but not stuck in the past

Merely having a ‘Here are our menus - get in touch’ web page may be a step back into the past. It’s not the way to win customers or drive sales - in fact, with the amount of to-ing and fro-ing with ordering via emails and calls it can bring more headaches than revenue. However, the option of online ordering, and how smoothly that ordering takes place increases orders and order value. Here was an opportunity for innovation - to successfully reach into a lucrative market of home meal deliveries - it needed to be done properly! How was that going to happen?

Everyone was included

Of course, Thanksgiving needs to be inclusive - and that includes who will benefit from getting the catering spot on. A confident, first class experience for those ordering food - naturally, that’s a given. Being able to confidently build/save the order and view the basket at their own convenience makes such a difference.

And what about the catering team? As already noted, an ordering management system is a world away from a half hearted webpage. Back office modules with automated confirmations, automated production notes, Banquet Event Forms, delivery sheets, payment gateways and invoicing solutions means the catering team is more efficient - and more thankful - than ever before. Doing more, and doing it better.

Thanksgiving looks forward not backwards

Those enjoying the first Thanksgiving never looked back. Likewise, the restaurants and caterers who used Spoonfed as their ordering platform for Thanksgiving meals last year have thrived during challenging times.

“Embracing technology-based solutions like Spoonfed have helped us not only survive but thrive.” Laura Fehrle, General Manager, Garces Events

Even when restrictions have been lifted and things have normalised, caterers have realised that this ‘new business’ is here to stay. Avoiding the 3rd party delivery apps and their hefty charges has made them thankful too...the customers are theirs and can be contacted easily to present the next set of seasonal menus. And so the success of serving customers at Thanksgiving can be replicated - Yom Kippur Break-the Fast, Christmas Dinners, New Year's Packages, Mother's Day Brunch, and more…

Contact Spoonfed to find out how we can get your business ready for Thanksgiving - Set-up includes full training and our expertise at getting your online menus just right. Speak to one of the team today for a demo.

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