Stripe’s in Spoonfed and Menus are Modified

by Alistair Coats

System updates are coming thick and fast right now. The biggest one this week is a payment integration. Spoonfed’s latest update enables Stripe payments, adding to our integration with Paypal, SagePay and Authorize.Net as card payment platforms.

Spoonfed Integrations

Stripe payment added to Spoonfed

Stripe is not the most well known of the four, but as an online payment processor it offers much the same service, and is growing fast. A lot of caterers are opting for Stripe over platforms like Paypal, claiming that, while the basic transaction fee is the same, it’s pricing is simpler when you consider add-on fees. Stripe also offers payment authorization, making it possible to authorize payment and only charge on the day of delivery.

Pre-authorization of payments is a great feature for caterers, with Spoonfed customers able to authorize payments for up to 20% above the order value, before charging on the day of delivery. This allows for edits that increase the value of the order or a gratuity being added without having to re-authorize before charging.

Control individual menu notice periods

The next feature we added this week is the ability to control the notice your customers need to give you to order specific menus. Spoonfed has for a long time let caterers set a ‘cutoff time’ beyond which people ordering online can’t request food for the following day, and our lead time provides a twist on the same kind of control.

Now these rules can be applied at the menu level. Things like tea and coffee that can be prepared quickly, or specialist menus that need much longer than normal, can have their own notice period applied. A great way to control availability and increase sales of items that can be turned around quickly.

More updates coming soon

With last week’s Group Ordering and our recent rollout of Customer Reviews (stay tuned for more info on this), we’ve been busy and have a lot more in the pipeline. If you’d like to know more about any of our updates, open a chat with us (bottom right of the page).

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