Spoonfeeder becomes a dad!

by Alistair Coats

A quick update to say that I am a dad! My baby boy was born one month ago and mum, dad and baby Pete are all well. Well, mum and dad are pretty tired, and in our dozy confusion over the last few weeks, I realise that I have unwittingly been practising what we often preach here at Spoonfed.

Many of my blogs are about how technology can help with catering - the ways that software can make the processes involved in preparing and delivering food stress-free. As a new dad, without thinking about it, I found myself looking to tech to take some of the stress out of the early stages of feeding our baby.

Having not had more than two hours of unbroken sleep for several days, remembering when the last breast-feeding session was and how much little Pete had fed recently was almost impossible. Fortunately, in the wee small hours, as we debated whether he’d had ‘left’ or ‘right’ last, with no hope of remembering, I decided to download an app called Feed Baby.

Quite quickly, the extra task of recalling Pete’s eating habits became simple. We had a cloud-stored database of everything we needed.

And when caterers using Spoonfed might use clear-up times, a slightly less glamorous ‘nappy logger’ enabled me to record the collection of waste products that our pride and joy so generously provided.

So, I’m happy to say that I instinctively live the Spoonfed way and am now on the lookout for other areas of my life that could benefit from the same tech treatment. Maybe some way to get the cat to pick up her dinner instead of having it delivered?

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