Spoonfed customers grew 26% in 2019

by Alistair Coats

There’s a lot of pressure being put on caterers of all sizes right now. Minimum wage rises, shifting consumer preferences, and increasing responsibility for marking allergen content clearly are just a few of the areas that may require businesses to do more with less.

So it’s good to start 2020 with some positive news. Customers using Spoonfed grew by an average of 26% last year. Companies that ran on Spoonfed averaged an increase in revenues of more than a quarter last year, and saw double-digit growth in both orders taken (online and placed through the back-office) and the value of those orders.

2019 Spoonfed Customer Growth Stats

These figures are based on all the businesses that were using our software from the start of 2018 to the end of 2019.

Spoonfed users averaged an 11% growth in the number of orders taken online, and 17% growth in the value of those orders. Behind these statistics is one of the great benefits of Spoonfed: the system lets caterers take orders online with confidence that the back-office automation will ensure everything goes smoothly. The improved efficiency is what makes growth so easy to handle.

For Spoonfed, it’s been another year of interest from contract caterers, as we have been taken on at an increasing number of sites by some of the world’s largest food service management companies. Our statistics for the industry are again very positive: contract caterer sites using Spoonfed in 2018 and 2019 saw average order values grow by 25% last year.

Contrast that number with a 2018 report that anticipated growth in the sector of 5% per year until 2023 and you see how far ahead of the competition Spoonfed can take caterers.

These statistics show sustainable and compounding growth for caterers running on Spoonfed. Last year we did the same calculations and found that Spoonfed customers averaged 27% revenue growth in 2018. This level of growth year-on-year is possible because Spoonfed is a catering management system that helps bring in more orders, while making it easy to handle the growth. Our online ordering system is simple and convenient for food-bookers, encouraging re-ordering, letting them edit and repeat orders, and upselling by recommending suitable menu items. Then in the back office the data is automatically transferred - nothing is forgotten or sent to the wrong kitchen. The reduction in manual work makes it easy to process the increase in orders coming in, as the kitchen staff are free to concentrate on doing what they do best: making delicious food.

If you’d like to know how Spoonfed would help you grow your business, book a demo with us. We can show you in 15 minutes how much of a difference our system would make to your catering business.

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