Out of Sight, Out of Mind....

by Michael Mayer

You provide great catering - and some of your customers order every day.

Others, now and again.

Yet others may have ordered from you in the past but now, perish the thought, be ordering from someone else. It happens, eventually, to everyone!

Sometimes we're so busy doing the day to day that communicating with our customers, beyond taking their orders, gets squeezed out.

You care about your customers and want to meet, and indeed exceed, their expectations.

Are you doing something new? Extra freshness from local suppliers? - delicious new breads, locally sourced, free range etc. etc.

Have you let them know, or asked them for 'feedback', or perhaps given them a reward for introducing a new customer to you. That's a great way to develop your business. Customers who order regularly may know others who also order regularly but maybe not from you!

Give them an incentive to change - some of your great food for free. Why not do it as a Friday Treat? - you're probably quieter on a Friday and so it's easier to do.

Its easy and inexpensive to email all your Customers through Spoonfed with Mailchimp, a leading email marketing provider. Fully integrated in both directions, synchronize all your contacts between Spoonfed and Mailchimp. Then tailor one of their great templates with your compelling offer or new menus. Just hit 'Send' and your talking to all your customers.

Then watch your business grow!

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