Orkestro and Spoonfed

by Alistair Coats

A quick update on Spoonfed’s integration with Orkestro, the delivery operations manager powered by A.I.

It’s now possible to use the Orkestro delivery service alongside Spoonfed’s catering management software, enabling you to get the same efficiencies from delivery as you do from ordering, production and payment.

Early adopters are seeing great results with the two software working alongside each other, and with powerful new features in store for both, the collaboration is likely to become increasingly helpful for caterers.

How Orkestro works

When an order is processed through Spoonfed, Orkestro automatically manages how it will be delivered. If you have your own drivers, Orkestro will optimise their workflow, if not, it will seamlessly assign the delivery to a courier. Orkestro’s marketplace of third-party logistics providers is connected to a machine learning engine that compares quotes, ETA’s and historical data to “hand” pick the best courier available.


The Orkestro dashboard gives you full visibility over your deliveries and, whether you outsource or you use your own drivers, your customers are updated in real-time on the order status and driver location and they can rate the experience once the delivery is complete.

Orkestro notifications

Why is it so good?

Previously, outsourcing delivery could feel like a trade-off - you increased capacity, but lost control of the customer. Marketplace sites expanded your reach, but prevented you from having a relationship with the customer. And then, for those with their own fleet, there was the wasted time and money of outsourcing a delivery that you could have handled internally.

With Orkestro you get the best of both worlds - you handle the deliveries that you can, and use a courier for the rest. And you keep complete control of the customer.

What does this mean for my catering business?

By combining Spoonfed and Orkestro, your business can automate and save time on countless processes, turning the entire chain of events - from the customer’s order being received to them receiving their food - into an efficient and smooth operation.

Increased capacity and growing customer bases

Spoonfed MD Willie Biggart says that the integration has increased caterer’s capacity and reach hugely: “With Spoonfed making it easy for caterers’ customers to place orders, improving efficiency in the kitchen and enabling caterers to process more orders, it is sometimes a possibility that delivery bottlenecks could arise.

"With Orkestro caterers get the benefits of using a courier for the deliveries they can't handle, it tracks their existing fleet’s progress, and most importantly it ensures they keep complete control of their customers. It’s really a no-brainer - we are already seeing how customers that use the two integrated systems have the potential to grow so much quicker without having to sacrifice valuable margin."

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