I Tip My Hat

by Willie Biggart

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Spoonfed’s decision to hire and not hide was a ‘grasp the nettle’ moment back in May 2020.

Adding to our development team sent out a message that we were here to support our users as they were required to adapt, and to be ready with the digital solutions for a changed landscape post-Covid.

In recent weeks we have engaged in a number of 1:1 meetings with users with the aim of sharing with them our current roadmap and to hear from them - we wanted to understand not only their ‘joys’ but also be aware of the things that frustrated them - we all need to be appraised and to listen carefully to our customers.

And what a refreshing initiative it has been.

If you had asked me what I thought would come out of these meetings it would have been a list of things to work on, my imagination having been sparked and new goals in place.

All worthy things, but my one clear take-away from these meetings is actually to say ‘Thank You’ to my staff. I’ve always been conscious that any business is really nothing without a committed staff team but this can often get lost in the busyness and pressures of the day... these meetings have been a gift to me as a timely reminder of that fact.

Of course these discussions touched on how the Spoonfed system was working, new features and plans etc. And yes, there were areas where it was clear that we weren’t scratching every customer itch. But what shone through time and time again was the highly positive feedback for our team and how appreciated their response to issues, both in speed, clarity and tone was. . I don’t think customer service is easy at the best of times - and this year’s circumstances have put an extra pressure on our development team and support team to give their best. It’s worth considering again those who are working, living, sleeping in the same room - and they have been doing that for months on end. Others are glad to get up early enough to find the best space at the kitchen table; others juggling work and childcare; some hoping that a strong wifi connection will coincide with their dog not barking. And all this done in an atmosphere of economic uncertainty throughout the nation.

I am extremely grateful to them. Can you imagine how proud we were to receive this comment?:

“I must say the team at Spoonfed are by far the most courteous, efficient, professional and pleasant to work with in business we have ever encountered. I do not say this lightly as we have been in business for 19 years!” Howard Ferguson, Owner, Belle Epicurean LLC

Thanks Howard, much appreciated. As we have been ‘appraising’ our system, expecting the focus to be on its various features and modules it has actually been our team and their abilities which have been appraised.

This is why I say again, the big takeaway for me is one of genuine gratitude for the effort of the staff in very trying circumstances. We decided to grasp the nettle back in June 2020 and how our team have stepped up to the plate has been fantastic. I tip my hat to each one of them.

"Thank you."

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