2021 Vision?

by Martin Boyd

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Do you have 2020 vision?

Ah, I remember it well. Days when I didn’t spend time wondering where my glasses are, and there was no mockery from young people who ‘just can’t believe’ how large the text size is set in my phone. I occasionally waste my breath telling them it will come to them one day!!

Of course, there is also the wonderful 2020 Hindsight. People who have this can talk about how they ‘just knew’ that such and such a thing would happen. They use their gift to predict everything...just after it happens.

More importantly, how’s your 2021 vision?

Not looking back this time, but looking ahead. In terms of seeing what is coming down the road I expect that the view may be slightly more hazy than it was in January 2020. Experience perhaps encouraging us to rein in any overly confident predictions.

But you can still have a ‘vision’ can’t you? You can see something in your mind’s eye you want to bring to fruition. You have a view of what you believe can be achieved and have the imagination to set about working towards that goal.

January is always a good time to take stock and to see how things can be improved. An opportunity to take a look at working practices which are clumsy or rusty and give time to discovering a more efficient way in 2021.

Spoonfed is taking that view. We have increased our own development team headcount in order that our vision for enhancing our software matches the desire our users have of enhancing their own working practices.

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